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Minister of Constitutional Reform Says the People’s Constitutional Commission is Hard at Work

The call for constitutional reform to improve Belize’s existing laws to stomp out corruption has been an issue for both political mass parties for some time now. Last year the Briceño administration introduced the People’s Constitutional Commission. The commission is tasked to undertake a comprehensive review of the Constitution, engage in national consultations, and make specific recommendations to the Ministry of Constitutional Reform for any necessary changes. According to Minister of Constitutional Reform, Henry Charles Usher the commission has already commenced its review of the constitution.

Henry Charles-Usher, Minister of Public Service: “The People’s Constitutional Commission has been approved by Cabinet. We’ve heard the Prime Minister speak about it on a number of occasions. We’ve also established the good governance unit within the ministry. They will act as the secretariat for this commission doing the research, doing the different consultation arrangements and so on, that has to happen countrywide and the commission of course will have a broad mandate to look at our constitution, to look at our laws, to look at the way we are governed and make recommendations as to the way forward. The last commission that was done was done in ‘99 and that report was presented in 2000 and I think of all of the recommendations put forward, the Government at the time, the Government of Said Musa allowed or accepted ⅔ of those recommendations. They have a mandate of a year. They have to do the research. They have to look at different constitutions, look at different reforms that have been done in this region in other parts of the world. They have to, certainly do consultations countrywide with the, with, in the districts, in the towns and so on and then they will come forward and make their recommendations and a report will be written and it will be presented to Cabinet.”