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Minister of Constitutional Reform Speaks the Courts Decision in the Redistricting Case

Speaking of elections, we may see an adjustment or a new configuration of constituencies come 2025. That’s because of a redistricting exercise, which many are hoping can address the disparities in the sizes and number of electors in certain electoral divisions. The Belize Peace Movement has long been trying to get the last and the current administrations to get the redistricting underway. As recently as yesterday, acting Chief Justice Michelle Arana dismissed a claim by the Elections and Boundaries Commission to strike out the BPM’s claim. Henry Charles Usher, who is also the Minister for Constitutional Reform, spoke on the issue.
Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service:  “I feel that, and I’ve said this before, redistricting is an important and critical exercise that has to happen and so I’m happy that Election and Boundaries Commission which is the body in charge of doing this redistricting exercise they have appointed a task force and a task force is working right now.” 

For context, we should note that in the last elections, Fort George, Mesopotamia, Queen’s Square and Albert were the smallest areas in terms of population. On the other hand, Stann Creek West was the largest area, clocking in at close to ten thousand electors. Belmopan, Belize Rural South, Cayo Central and Cayo North were each over eight thousand voters.