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Minister of Defence refutes Claim of Divide within the UDP

Following the United Democratic Party’s convention on Sunday in Dangriga, UDP Area representative Frank Pawpa Mena went on Facebook to vent after the team he was supporting lost at that convention. He first wrote, quote, “it’s a shame … you have to use money to buy my people. Sad that they don’t know how you only care for your agenda and your racist needs. That’s politics.” Then from an unknown account, someone responded to him, to which he also responded. The situation has been interpreted by some within the public as a divide within the UDP. In an interview with Minister of Defence John Saldivar he stated that this was not true.

John Saldivar – Minister of Defence:As far as I am concerned I believe that emotions ran high after the convention and that was all that was. I don’t think that we should take more out of it than that. I am sure that with time wounds will be healed and I don’t know that there is any particular infighting that can be referred to at this time. Except the results of a convention usually has some acrimony and that was all that it was.”