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Minister of Defence should be concerned over GAF’s trespass, says Lisa Shoman.

Also speaking on the Guatemalan soldiers entering Belize was former Foreign Affairs Minister Lisa Shoman.

 Lisa Shoman, Attorney

“If I were the Minister of Defence I would at a minimum be concerned. The military has always claimed in Belize that their relationship with the Guatemalan is of the very best. Several times BDF commandants have boasted that the relationship with their GAF counterparts is excellent and that there is a channel of communication. If there was anything that three members of the Guatemalan military wanted to know they could have used those channels of communication and there is absolutely no need for them to have come across into our territory uninvited, unexpected because I can guarantee you, the BDF knows very well that it just can’t simply just waltz over to Guatemala and do as it likes so I believe that it is incumbent on both the Minister of Defense and the Foreign Minister to make inquiries both at the highest levels at a minimum to see what happened there and if necessary, issue the requisite protest note and if necessary, demand an investigation through the OAS; there are things that must be done. The worst thing that we could possibly do is just shrug our shoulders, sit back and do nothing. It’s not rocket science. If my neighbor decides he will come over my fence and just walk in my yard and will be looking up at my Mango Tree, I have every right to say to him; what is happening, what are you doing here, what do you want,  you don’t belong over here, if there is something in the yard that belongs to you like your son’s ball fell over in the yard or something, call me and I will take care of it but you cannot just jump the fence and come in here as you please. So this is at a minimum common sense, particularly when my neighbor thinks that my piece of land belongs to him. Particularly, so I am expecting and so should every Belizean that the Government of Belize will take it and treat it with the seriousness that it deserves.”

Shoman was Belize’s Foreign Affairs Minister from 2007 to 2008.