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Minister of Education addresses bomb threat at St. Martin’s School

In yesterday’s newscast, we told you that most of the students who attend St. Martin’s De Porres Primary School stayed away from classes due to an inferred threat on social media. The Principal of St. Martin’s De Porres Primary School, Anne Palacio said that as soon as she got the message, she immediately took action by calling the police. The police then conducted checks of the school grounds and found nothing that could endanger the lives of the staff and the children of the school.  Today, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber commented on the matter.

Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister: “As you know we have to take all of these threats very seriously. When I was growing up in primary school the common thing that was occurring then was bomb scares and so on and it came to a point where there were these pranks on a regular basis but nothing ever materialized but we have to take especially given the recent circumstances of the military forces finding grenades we have to take these threats very seriously and so we took no chance yesterday. We urge people not to do these kinds of pranks it simply wastes the time of our professionals but also the schools. You know we struggle to get in as much content time with our children and so something like that is not good at all for the children and for education and for Belize overall.”

Palacio who just took office at the start of the new school year on September 4, says the bomb threat was seemingly of a personal nature.