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Minister of Education Appeals to School Administrators to be Lenient with Students

The Ministry of Education is appealing to principals and teachers at the pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools to exercise discretion and leniency when deciding on the promotion or graduation of its students. The request went out via a memorandum dated today to the school managers and the teachers’ union. The request continues by asking educators to apply Education Rule 128 and develop special assistance programs for students who do not meet the expected outcomes at the end of the year. In addition, the ministry reported that the reopening of face-to-face classes has been successful to date and that as many as three hundred and fifty-two schools have given the go-ahead to reopen. The ministry did note, however, that they have, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, decided to have schools closed by June 18 out of an abundance of caution. It added that the vaccination rate for teachers is not yet at an adequate level which has led to this decision.