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Minister of Education clarifies Ministry’s position in school controversy

Love News has received reports of a developing controversy at the Peter Claver College Extension in Punta Gorda. We are told that teachers staged a sick-out on Monday night and intended to do so again. This is in protest of non-payment of salaries for the months of November and December. Today we asked Minister of Education Patrick Faber about the matter.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“Claver College Extension as it is known is not a grant aided school and by that I mean we are not responsible for the contributions that we give in terms of salaries to the teachers. So when you hear the teachers complaining I want to make it point blank clear that it is not the Ministry that has not paid those individuals. As I understand it Claver College Extension is a privately run institution, they charge the students who are adult learners as fee and it is using that fee that they deal with the expense of the school. Traditionally the school has not been able to handle its candle so to speak and as a result they have made requests from the Ministry of Education for grant assistance to prop up the fees and any other source that might have been accessing in order to take care of their expenses and we have in the past granted that kind of assistance to the school. It is on an annual basis that we grant this assistance and the Ministry has got to be convinced that when we give that money that they money is spent properly. So my understand of what has happened since last year when the complaints were made is that the Ministry has been trying to work with the officials of the school to, for a lack of a better term, get their act together and to put things in place so that they can be accountable for the monies that come from the Ministry Of Education in the form of that grant and I don’t think that that has been worked out. So that is as far as I know the position. So I implore the officials of that school to do what they need to do.”

We attempted to contact the school for comment but our attempts proved futile. We will keep following the story.