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Minister of Education says Cabinet satisfied with pace of probe in Hopkins mass shooting

Cabinet said today that the Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries has committed to a thorough investigation into the weekend mass shooting in Hopkins Village on Sunday. Minister Kareem Musa reiterated that no effort will be spared to bring the people responsible for the crime to justice. We asked Minister Francis Fonseca at an event today whether Cabinet is satisfied with the report on the incident and the pace of the investigations into it. Here’s what he had to say. 

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “Yes we are obviously you know our hearts go out to the Hopkins community and to obviously the families who have been directly affected but we are satisfied, we got a comprehensive briefing from the Minister of Home Affairs on the matter. As you all know it’s ongoing it’s an ongoing investigation so it’s rapidly evolving but we were pleased with the report that the police have been able to identify and apprehend some of the principal suspects involved but as we understand from the minister the investigation continues but we’re confident that the police investigation is being done properly and effectively.”

We also asked him if the shooting has forced the Government to rethink its crime-fighting strategy. Minister Fonseca says that not only is crime discussed at every Cabinet meeting, but addressing it remains a priority. 

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education:  “I can tell you that you know crime is an issue that we discuss at every cabinet meeting. We discuss it in different ways and we’ve always made the point and we made it in this last cabinet meeting that we have to have a comprehensive approach to fighting crime. It’s not just about the police, it can’t be just about the Ministry of Home Affairs. We’ve established some months ago a cabinet subcommittee which includes some of the social sector ministries as well to work along with the Ministry of Home Affairs so that’s always a discussion in cabinet. We are obviously very concerned about the crime situation. It affects our society, it affects our economy, and so it’s a priority issue for the Government of Belize and for our cabinet and we are always looking to opportunities to improve our crime fighting strategy.”