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Minister of Education says it is just wrong

In a Facebook post, Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, expressed his discontent with some school managements which are reportedly forcing parents into buying materials for their classes. In his post, Faber shared a picture of school materials and he has captioned it with the words quote, “This is way pass the mark! Stop the fleecing of students and parents! Parents shouldn’t tolerate anything like that from schools!” end of quote. In An interview with the Minister last week, he addressed the issue.


Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber:

“The schools are allowed to charge fees as well and I have seen some very ridiculous school fees being charged and I wish to say this that the rules are very clear, the education act and rules are very clear in terms of what can be charged at a school and how much and once changes are being made I’ve seen schools change fees without consulting the Ministry of Education and that is against the rule.”

Reporter: Is there a penalty for a school that changes the fee without consulting the Ministry?

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:

“They cannot do it and if it is brought to our attention we call them to task and they cannot oblige parents to pay those fees. I’ve seen another instance where a school is putting on textbooks onto the book list and there is nothing wrong with that if it is said that these books are optional I’m talking about the BRC books and the Roman Catholic books in particular it must be specified on the book list that these books are optional; we cannot stop you from putting it there but it must be said that it is optional and parents must understand that you are not obliged to pay for an additional math book or a reading book if the government is already providing one and it is the same thing with the raising of school feels.”

Faber is encouraging parents to report the matter to their nearest District Education Center.