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Minister of Education Says Schools Should Prepare for Virtual Learning

As Police and health officials crackdown on the Covid-19 regulations due to the surge in cases, the Ministry of Education is keenly observing the situation as school is scheduled to reopen in about three weeks on August 23. Education Minister, Francis Fonseca says it would be ideal to get back to face to face learning but with the Covid situation being so fluid, schools should prepare for virtual learning in the event the pandemic worsens in Belize.

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “Everything has to be subject to change. That’s our goal, that remains our goal, that remains our objective to open schools for face to face instruction August 23 and August 30 but obviously as we have always maintained we will be guided by the public health officials. If they tell us that it is not safe for us to return to face to face instruction then we will not be able to do so. We still remain hopeful that we can. Everybody is ready as far as we’re concerned. Obviously as we go along between now and the end of August we’ll have to continue to monitor it very closely and ensure that everything is in place. We’re gonna have to rely on the managing authorities to check with them so it’s a challenging issue, it’s a challenging issue but the message we want to send is a very clear one. When our teachers are vaccinated everyone is safer, they are safer, their fellow teachers are safer, their students, their student’s families so we want to say in a very clear and resounding way to our teachers please let’s get vaccinated. It’s been very positive so far. We’re up to now 70% of our teachers vaccinated at least with the first shot so that’s very positive. It’s moving in the right direction. Our target has always been to get around 80% of our teachers vaccinated by the time we reopen for face to face instruction in September at the end of August so I think we’re well on our way to achieving that target and that I think will address the concerns that others have.”