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Minister of Education Says Seventy-Two Percent of Teachers have been Vaccinated

Teachers and educators are reportedly lining up to be vaccinated. Minister of Education, Francis Fonseca reported on August 4 that there are about seventy two percent who have received their COVID-19 vaccine. The new regulations that took effect on August one, mandated that frontline personnel, including teachers, to either get vaccinated or present negative PCR tests every two weeks. According to Minister Fonseca in a recent survey conducted along with the Belize National Teachers Union, indications are that the percentage of vaccinated teachers is expected to get even higher.

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “The latest figure we have is we’re up to 72% of teachers vaccinated. Very good news we are moving in the right direction so we’re very hopeful and I can say we are working in collaboration with the Belize National Teachers Union, we work very closely with them. We recently did a survey along with them of all our teachers to get figures about exactly where teachers were and who was not getting vaccinated so that we can have a specific targeted program to work with them and give them the information they need to get comfortable about getting a vaccine. So it’s looking very good. Of the teacher who are not vaccinated which is good news I think over 60% of them said that they plan to get vaccinated so that’s good so I think we’ll be by the time end of August rolls around we’ll be well over 80% of our teachers vaccinated.”

Love News understands that a total of two thousand teachers were polled in the survey.///