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Minister of Education says work to improve continues

The Statistical Institute of Belize has released statistics that shows forty five percent of the workforce has either a primary school education or below. Patrick Faber says that the ministry is working to address the issue now and says that the statistics are not a secret.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“We continue to do everything that we are doing now to try to fix the problems of education in this country. The statistics I am glad for, in fact many of those who were listening on Friday to the Senate Meeting when I understand that Senator Lisa Shoman disclosed some of the report that we presented to the CDB in order to facilitate that loan motion that was put there they became almost like “what is the ministry doing? Why are these statistics so alarming? Well, in our ministry we never keep it a secret that in fact we need to be working on these issue, the reason why the statistics are important is to show to all those who are concerned that these situations exist and that all the more reason that we should support the efforts put forward with our Ministry of Education.”

In the last Senate meeting held Lisa Shoman, had brought up the figures and questioned Patrick Faber’s ministry on how they were addressing the issue.