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Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Guatemalan counterpart Hold Meeting with the OAS

Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Eamon Courtenay and his Guatemalan counterpart, Pedro Brolo Vila, held a meeting yesterday with the OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro at the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters in Washington D.C. The meeting was held within the context of the “Agreement on a Framework for Negotiations and Confidence Building Measures between Belize and Guatemala” signed in September 2005. The Ministerial delegations gave an overview of the work of the OAS Office in the Adjacency Zone. The situations that required verification by the OAS were highlighted. The Parties invited the Secretary General to develop and recommend specific measures, mechanisms or processes aimed at preventing situations likely to create tensions in the Adjacency Zone. The Ministers made presentations on the situations of concern on the ground in areas in the Adjacency Zone and made suggestions for solutions that seek to foster a climate of peace and confidence as contemplated by the said Agreement. The Ministers reiterated their respective commitment to the Framework Agreement for Negotiations and Confidence Building Measures. The Secretary General presented recommendations to the Ministers that could be implemented by the Parties with the support of the Office of the OAS in the Adjacency Zone. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs received the recommendations for their consideration. The Belize and Guatemala delegations along with OAS also met with the Group of Friends of Belize and Guatemala. The OAS provided a report on its activities in the Adjacency Zone. The Belize delegation also included Senator Michael Peyrefitte representing the Opposition.