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Minister of Health Announces New COVID-19 Measures

Effective August one several additional Covid-19 regulations will be put in place via the Ministry of Health. Minister Michel Chebat had a brief meeting with the media this afternoon where he announced the changes which includes the inclusion of BPO employees and workers within the civil aviation sector.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “Some of the new measures that are gonna be implemented include in the definition of front line workers employees of a BPO have now been included and so have the civil aviation officials, they are now included as front line workers. The implication of that as you know is that those who are not vaccinated by the thirty first of July 2021 would be required to now present a negative COVID test to their place of employment. Secondly we are moving the curfew. The curfew will now be from 9PM to 4AM and that starts on Sunday the first of August. The other change we’re making is that every tour operator and every tour guide must present their vaccination card. The other change we’re making is that in terms of casinos or any other gaming establishment they are to operate at 50% of their capacity only and we’re also gonna be implementing and expanding on the portion of the law that deals with the fraudulent immunization card so now any person who creates, who issues, or who has in his or her possession a fraudulent immunization card is now an offence and is subject to not only a fine but also to a confinement and the police officers are now given the authority to issue tickets in relation to any of these new offences. Additionally we are gonna be implementing what is gonna be called a COVID enforcement unit which will have as its primary task the enforcement of the public health measures and these individuals will have the authority to go into all business establishments and public facilities to ensure that those who are present in those establishments are observing the public health measures.”

The inclusion of BPO workers and the other new additions to the fronline category comes less than forty eight hours before the mandatory PCR testing takes effect for the non-vaccinated personnel. Minister Chebat noted, however, that some leniency will be given in this regard.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “I think it is just fair because they’ve just been added that they should be given some time for them for them to get up to speed and so I think it is a good question and I think we are going to be allowing them some time to be able to get their vaccination or to be able to get their COVID test.”

Reporter: No specific date as yet though ?

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “No specific date.”