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Minister of Health Calls the LOO Shameless

Rising to contribute to the budget debate this afternoon was Health and Wellness Minister Kevin Bernard. Bernard took the Opposition Leader Moses Barrow to task and accused him of being shameless.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “Their leader believes that hanging out with Fat Joe makes him a big man. On this side, we have been busy meeting with the CDB, the IMF, the IDB, the EU and other international partners who can really benefit our country and people. While he sits on talk shows in the US telling people he’s the leader of this Honourable House, we host regional leaders, including the Secretary General of the United Nations at CARICOM and SICA Summit where we can chart a way forward for Belize. Like I said, Madam Speaker, there is glitter on that side and substance on this side, a clear difference. As I turn to the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Madam Speaker, 2021 was another challenging year for the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The COVID pandemic has challenged the health systems around the world to respond to all health and safety needs. Many of those systems have failed. In Belize, however, because of the selflessness and sacrifice of those on the frontline, as well as a ministry which was prepared, ours did not fail. This is a part of us ensuring Plan Belize is at work Madam Speaker. What was not achieved by the previous administration in 13 years, even without COVID, has already been surpassed by this administration in just over a single year. We continue to deliver on Plan Belize. The Leader of the Opposition, in his presentation, stood up here in this House and said that the San Pedro hospital was a UDP idea. Que descarado! That’s being barefaced. Yes. I just want to say to the Member of Mesopotamia, he is being very unfaithful to the truth. In 13 years, the UDP was not able to build a morgue in San Pedro, Madam Speaker. We will build an entire hospital in San Pedro with construction commencing this fiscal year.”