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Minister of Health Says Belize is Keeping Its Guard Up Against COVID

As Belize looks to fully reopen the country this week, tens of millions of people in China have been ordered into lockdown. China is currently battling a new wave of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, and makeshift hospitals and quarantine centers have been set up across the country. Some in Belize are concerned that the widespread in China may eventually be reflected here. According to Minister of Health, Kevin Bernard, the situation is being monitored closely.

 Hon. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “We are monitoring that. I know in the case of China I know they’re in some lockdown so people are not exiting the country. We have also looked at just yesterday I did a cross check with the Epi unit and Doctor Russell Manzanero responded that they have been looking at the what happened in Europe. We have noticed that the strain that was there from omicron while it may have created some spikes in cases the fatality rate is very very minimal so I don’t want to say that we are not going to be prepared we are going to be prepared should there be – should there be any issues in terms of any cases or any spike we are going to have to go back and look at it just adjustments in terms of the restrictions but definitely not locking down. I think that we have passed that stage and looking at what is happening as I said we have to start a look at the hospitalization rates and the fatality rates to make decisions. You know at one point we were focusing on the positivity rate but when we look at the hospitalization for example yesterday’s numbers one hospitalization you know and you’re seeing where the numbers just keep going down and going down and going down and we hope that it remains that way. But we are at the ministry we are prepared. I think that the past two years has allowed the Ministry of Health and Wellness to really get their act together. The team has really been doing an extremely wonderful job in trying to ensure that in every area, in every district you know the little kinks are tide up and make adjustments where necessary.”

According to CNN, officials in the United States have indicated that A Covid-19 spike like the one in China is unlikely to occur in the US.