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Minister of Health Says He has the Most Difficult Job in Government

Minister of Health, Michel Chebat says he believes that he has the most difficult job in government. The minister made the comment this morning in a group media interview at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. The comment was part of his response to the recent calls for his resignation, both by the opposition and the Public Service Union (PSU).

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “These eleven months have not been easy months. These I think I have perhaps the most difficult job to do and I think all Ministers of Health across the world sit in a similar position as I do. You know I wish that when I took over the Ministry of Health that we did not find hospitals that had been abandoned for thirteen years. I wish that we did not find a healthcare system where our nurses and doctors their morale are so low. I wish we did not find a system where they were owing so much in over time but that is the plate that we have been served and that is what we have to work with. It is thirteen years of neglect and so all of sudden compounding that is this pandemic and not the Alpha Variant, nobody could have expected or anticipated the Delta and we all know what the Delta Variant has done across the world and to Belize. And so it is not an easy job. You know it is not an easy job but we are working, we are working and like what they say here in Belize if you’re not doing anything nobody will look at you. So I am satisfied that I am doing everything that I can. I am satisfied that the Ministry of Health and Wellness is doing the best that it can.”

Reporter: Sir but while you take that stance for the political call we have Dr.Cuellar a man who you asked to be on the board of the KHMH he left in a huff and as well he also called you out specifically saying that your leadership is not what this ministry needs at this time. 

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “You know everybody has an opinion. Everybody has an opinion. As I said before I am the person who appointed Dr.Cuellar and I did so because I have confidence in him and in his abilities and I will not say -“

Reporter: He doesn’t have confidence in you though.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “That is fine, that is is position. You know we all have different points of view and different opinions and I respect his. I do respect his.”