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Minister of Health says pediatric vaccines are being administered slowly but surely

While the Ministry is looking to do away with all of its covid-19 regulations, it remands adamant that citizens need to get vaccinated. To date, less than fifty percent of Belize’s adult population have received both doses of the vaccine. The ministries of Health and Education have partnered to vaccinate the youth population between the ages of five to eleven. Today, our newsroom asked Minister of Health, Kevin Bernard, for an update.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness: “We are still not where we want but we’re getting there. I don’t have the right figure I normally get this every week, I normally review that on Fridays so I’m not sure where we are right now but I know that the uptake has been good so far in terms of the schools parents are participating but we also feel that we have between now and the opening of classes when school fully comes open whether it’s August or September I’m hearing certain people are telling me that Ministry of Education is suggesting a middAugust opening or whether it goes to September we still feel and we’re optimistic that because we’re not inoculating our younger population 5 to 11 years old we will be able to achieve our 70% target which is also the international target set out by the WHO. And so I encourage our Belizeans, our parents to go out and get vaccinated. It has proven that it protects, it reduces the risk of you being seriously ill so I want to just reiterate that position of the ministry. Get vaccinated, take your children to get vaccinated.”