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Minister of Health Speaks on the Rapid Rise of COVID-19 Cases

The nation has added one hundred thirty-eight new cases of COVID-19. With those new cases and the seventy-eight new recoveries tallied today, active cases are at one thousand two hundred and five. With the single death reported, three hundred and sixty-three fatalities have been reported in the country since the start of the pandemic. But despite the third wave of the cases at this time, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is moving ahead with its vaccinations of adolescents. Minister Michel Chebat spoke about it today during the House of Representatives.

Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Wellness: “While the entire team at the Ministry of Health and Wellness has been working tirelessly to contain the third wave of the COVID pandemic and have simultaneously rolled out a countrywide vaccination drive one I am very proud of and one in which we were able to vaccinate over 60,000 persons in one month additionally we have now vaccinated over 13,000 adolescents with the Pfizer vaccine and that is in keeping in line with our strategy to get back our young people to face to face teaching as soon as possible. And Madam Speaker thanks to the efforts of our Prime Minister we now have the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in our country. All of this is being done while simultaneously holding together our overall healthcare system.”

The Ministry noted today that there are three hundred sixty-six samples still under investigation. Belize City has continued to maintain the highest number of new cases in any municipality as today, the city reported thirty-six of the fifty-four cases reported in the district. However, Cayo was the district that reported the highest number of cases today at sixty-one.