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Minister of Health tells the Nurses Association “We ALL Work Extra Hours”

Another group of public servants has come out with a firm position against GOB’s proposed salary cuts.

Another group of public servants has come out with a firm position against GOB’s proposed salary cuts. The Nurses Association of Belize (NAB) fired out a press statement in which it expressed its solidarity with the PSU and the BNTU in saying NO TO A SALARY CUT. The association is requesting that “all ridiculous allowances be abolished and make lower-paying interest rates available to all public officers with a clear cause to disregard refinancing charges.” The Association says that the government can look into other options without cutting salaries. The release says that the association feels disrespected that the Prime Minister said that public officers have not sacrificed anything. PM John Briceno is reminded that nurses have sacrificed since the start of the pandemic with many allowances for nurses being removed. Nurses have still not been paid overtime hours owed for months. The association that it will no longer tolerate any more to be taken away. The media attempted to ask Health and Wellness Minister Michel Chebat about today but as he ran away from the cameras he said, “we all work extra hours.”

Reporter: Speak to us one bit about the salary cuts. Your public officers – 

Hon. Michel Chebat, Minister of Health: “Yes we have taken our 10% salary cut as of January that was a Cabinet decision and that is implemented and so we’re doing our part and listen I think at the end of the day as Belizeans we must all sacrifice something for the greater good.”

Reporter: Sir but your public officers are saying that they are working extra hours.

Hon. Michel Chebat, Minister of Health: “We all work extra hours.”

The Nurses Association is urging the government to enact laws to make public wasting and mismanagement a criminal act. The Association says that it does not support retrenchment in any way, shape or form.