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Minister of Home Affairs Concludes Nation Wide Tour of Police Formations

Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa was in the capital city on Friday as part of his familiarization tour out west, marking the end of his nation tour of police formations. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to him earlier today.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “As you know over the last two weeks I’ve had the honor and privilege of visiting the formations all across Belize starting off with Corozal we went as far as Punta Gorda, out west and the islands and today we are winding down with Belmopan and early next week we’ll be finishing off in the largest precinct which is of course Belize City. It has been a wonderful experience for me to engage on a one on one basis with our police officers to hear their concerns, to hear their challenges and their obstacles not just in terms of their professional capacity and the resources that they so desperately need but also to hear their personal challenges. Police officers we oftentimes forget are human being just like you and I brother Fem, they have issues just like you and I and of course over the last few months they’ve been taking a licking. Just like all the other public officers they had to face the 10% cut in addition to having additional duties foisted on them including the enforcement of these statutory instrument regulations and so I certainly empathize with them and we are doing everything in our capacity as a ministry and as a department to ensure that we take care of the welfare of our police officers.”

The nationwide tour was led by Minister Kareem Musa and he was accompanied by CEO Kevin Arthurs, Police Commissioner, Chester Williams and other high ranking members of the Police Department.