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Minister of Home Affairs Says the Public Must help in Curbing the Spread of COVID-19

In recent weeks, active COVID-19 cases have been significantly high despite the stringent protocols set in place by the government. Many have attributed the rise to the Delta variant and the lack of personal responsibility. But, have the police been lackadaisical in their efforts to enforce the regulations? According to the Minister of Home Affairs, the police did become dazed in their efforts but quickly returned to full out enforcement once cases began to surge.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “I think there are highs and lows of enforcement because police officers like the rest of Belize we let our guards down at times the police department and we always have to remind so the Commissioner has to remind officers we need to start enforcing these provisions especially when there’s a surge and so when there was that six month period where the cases were low there was not much enforcement because the cases were very low but the moment we started to see the surge police officers began enforcing especially against establishments. If you recall some of the restaurants that people say are more operating as bars, police department had to intervene and charge the proprietors of those establishments because of the overcrowding because you were only at that time allowed seventy five percent. And so it is something that we continue to remind our officers the importance of enforcing these regulations and it is expected that this surge will actually drop in the coming weeks and months ahead so we’re hoping that we can just continue to maintain as individuals as Belizean citizens recognize and appreciate the importance of us doing our part, that is extremely important because police cannot be everywhere all at once so we have a personal responsibility to look out not just for ourselves and our family members but for other Belizeans so let us continue to adhere to the protocols, do our part because we are the ones who will be responsible to either increase the numbers or to decrease those numbers so we have a personal responsibility we have to take personal ownership of this and yes the police department will continue to do their part in enforcement but at the end of the day all of us can make a difference and all of us can bring the numbers down.”