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Minister of Immigration denies reports of concerns amongst employees over recent promotions

This afternoon, reports surfaced that more than 20 Immigration clerks were expressing discontent over the promotion of one specific clerk who they say did not deserve it. According to persons within the department, the individual who was promoted was given the post of Assistant Immigration Officer over several other persons who have been at the department for a longer period. Some say that the promotion was politically motivated and clerks at the Immigration Department threatened to go on a “go slow” on Monday. This evening Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, Beverly Williams, dispelled those reports.

Beverly Williams – Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration

“The concern raised about an officer who superseded his post is absolutely not true. That officer had a pending promotion prior to some of those vacancies that are now available was held in public service because they were so concerned, that has been cleared up. That promotion was pending even before I came to Immigration and now that promotion which we got from the Ministry of the Public Service alerting us that the officer was promoted so I’m a little concerned about confidentiality within the department to be honest because for this to be raised and for threats to be thrown about go slow and assumptions being made is ridiculous because if the matter was brought to my attention and we did not address it, then I could see why the concern went to your office but now I’m hearing most of it from you and from what was told to me earlier this afternoon from somebody outside the department. I’ve since addressed the matter with the CEO and he said that they are looking at it but we want to do it properly. You have to look at all vacancies that were there, who is at the higher rank to go into those vacancies that are at different levels and then where those actual vacancies will then arise to a lower level so officers who are employed temporarily or who are in positions that are outside or below those ranks can then be promoted.”

There are seven other vacancies within the department.