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Minister of Natural Resources Holds Land Clinic in Corozal

Minister of Natural Resources Cordel Hyde was in the northern part of the country for the seventh land clinic for the year. In speaking to our colleagues at the Press Office, Minister Hyde explained how important it was to bring the services of the ministry to the rural communities of Corozal. He added that the work has been a painstaking process.

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “”Every time it becomes more intense. I can tell you that last night we went home a little bit past eleven. We worked until that hour in San Joaquin. We had spent two days there seeing I’d say close to four hundred people, maybe a little less and trying our very best to get out all the applications that we received so that’s why we worke so late. We ended up getting out the vast majority. We probably have about forty or so left but it’s the more I go out the more we go out the more convinced we are that we’re doing the right thing. The happier I see people it’s a tremendous feeling of gratification to see people really pleased that the instruments that have been languishing for over ten years I mean over the last couple days in San Joaquin that’s a place where PUP have always won for the last sixty years and so when there’s the next government in those persons are deprived and locked out and really oppressed and so the last two days was really an opportunity for us to give service to those people and other people and it was emotional for some people to be able to get their documents that were bogged down in the system for so long and get it in such a short time and be able to move on with their lives whether it is to be able to go the bank to send their children to school, whether it is for them to for the first time become a land owner or whether it is for them to now be able to expand into farming and to expand their farm it’s just the greatest feeling and I want to use the opportunity to say that our public officers are always left by the side, they’re ignored, they’re not tended to enough and we don’t applaud them enough and I just want to say thanks to all our public officers who toil so willingly, so patiently, without complaint.”