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Minister of Police addresses Toll Bridge incident

Today while addressing Wednesday’s events at the Toll Bridge in Tower Hill Orange Walk, Minister Elodio Aragon briefly switched hats and took a political jab at PUP Party Leader John Briceno, calling him irresponsible.

Minister of Police, Elodio Aragon

“We have no problem with that provided you follow through with getting your permit, signing your bond and doing it peacefully. We have no problem with that if the PUP wants to come together a hundred times that is fine with us. All we ask is for them to do it properly and we should have no problem but if when you proceed to take a crowd knowing what is your intention in terms of going there and being irresponsible as a leader, I’m not talking on behalf of the police right now I’m telling you as a politician and leader you knowing take people to block a highway having the intention to ensure that there is chaos out there then of course you are putting yourself and your people who are following you in harm’s way because at the end of the day the police will have to come and clear the road and it was only when the leader of the opposition announced publicly on the mic inviting his people to go out there at the toll bridge to block the roll. Is he responsible for what transpired there? I don’t know. Is he directly the person who has lead these people to be in harm’s way? Those are the questions you have to ask him.”