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Minister of Police hopeful that a shakeup in the force will lead to less crime

The Minister of Police, Kareem Musa, says he has high hopes for Senior Superintendent of Police Hilberto Romero’s promotion to Commander of the Eastern Division. Romero will be taking over from Assistant Commissioner of Police, Howell Gillett, who will take over the National Community Policing Unit. According to Musa, the change up was sparked by the retirement of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dezerie Magdaleno. Here’s how he explained the changes.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “Whenever we have senior officers retiring from the department and in this case, we have Deputy Commissioner Magdaleno who is retiring in the coming weeks. With that vacant post then there are going to be major shifts within the department and so we have ACP Howell Gillett who has been doing a very good job in Belize City as well. One of his big strengths is community policing and now we will be moving him up to Community Policing to head Community Policing. ACP Guzman will now be taking on the DCP role. As you know ACP Guzman was at Community Policing but now he’s moving up as Deputy Commissioner of Police. It’s a parallel move. In fact he’s going to head an entire Community Policing desk which is the entire country of Belize and like I said, that is something that we recognise is one of his strengths is reaching out to the business community, reaching out to the students, to the schools and engaging the community and that is truly one of the big points for us in Plan Belize. If you look at Plan Belize, Community policing is one of the areas that we want to focus on and that certainly has been enhanced, not just by him but by all police officers over the last two years. There has been a greater effort towards community policing so I do not in any way consider that a demotion.”