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Minister of Public Service Gives Update on Economic Recovery Advisory Team

It has been over six months since the government announced the formation of an Economic Recovery Advisory Team tasked to make recommendations to engineer sustainable economic activity. The team, consisting of fourteen members from various sectors of the society, is responsible to submit its recommendations and strategies to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance for consideration and action. Today, our newsroom asked the Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform Henry Charles Usher for an update.

Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform

Hon. Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform: The government’s economic recovery plane is a five part plan. It includes part of it is stimulating the economy, part of it is ensuring that different sectors of the economy, different industries are opened up. You saw the opening of the Free Zone, we see tourism being opened up in a safe manner, the casinos being opened up. We see some restrictions being lifted in terms of those being able to eat at open air restaurants and so on. So as the economy rebounds we have to make sure we continue to keep our health protocols in place but we also have to make sure that people get back to work that’s very important. We’ve set some economic growth targets for this fiscal year. I’m very confident that we will meet or possibly even exceed those targets as things turn around. Speaking to the Minister of Tourism he was letting us know that different airlines are starting to come in, there’s a date for when cruise ships are supposed to start come in as well but we have to remember that we have to keep those protocols in place because we cannot afford to go through another lock down. We have looked at all industries as a matter of fact look at the growth in the cattle industry. Look at the exports of cattle. We’ve looked at agriculture, we’re working to try to develop new agricultural markets. I was very proud of some of our farmers down south who are now exporting plantain to Florida that’s a big development there. Florida has a big Cuban market, people like to eat their plantain with different products so if we can explore and create niche markets like that then I’m confident that the economy will see a faster rebound than we are projecting.”

The minister added that Government continues to look at different avenues to expand the economy.