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Minister of Sports Calls for Police Reform

At the top of our newscast, we brought you the story of cases where the Police are accused of abusing their powers. One Government minister who commented on the need for reform within the Belize Police Department is Kevin Bernard. He says that he would support any reform and that he believes that it is a plus that there is no ministerial interference.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports & EGovernance: “There is need for stronger reforms in the police department. There is need for us to ensure – and what was brought up to us as you know that the recent intake of police officers this is for the first time that these officers had to have a high school diploma. They did not accept just anybody that’s one but I think it’s from that stage that you start. The proper training that has to be given and the discipline for many I have always said you know when young people came to me ‘Minister I need a recommendation I really want to get into the police.’ I said to them I can offer you a recommendation it’s not my duty to tell you that you will get in you have to do your part. But at the end of the day my advice to them was always you want to get into this system, you want to get into the police but remember your role as an officer once you get accepted is to protect your citizen and not to go and become a rogue cop. So that was always my message, anybody in anywhere we work in any part of public service you do it because you have a passion for the work that you are doing and so definitely I call that I do believe that we need some strong reforms to take place and I’m pretty sure the commissioner is looking at that. I have confidence in the work that the team is doing can make a difference but we need to reel in these people that are doing the wrong thing so I fully support any reform that will come for the police department.”