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Minister of Sustainable Development Says GOB’s Plastic Ban is a Win for the Environment

The ban on single-use plastic products will be enforced as of February twenty-eight. In consideration of this regulation, by the end of this month, no business or establishment will be allowed to sell single-use plastic products. The importation of these plastics, as defined in the regulations, has been strictly prohibited since April fifteen of last year. Love News interviewed the Minister of Sustainable Development, Orlando Habet, who explained further.

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “We’re hopeful that the importers and the users of these materials have been able to source biodegradable products. We have seen some requests for permits to bring in biodegradable products because they still have to apply for it even though it’s the standard but because it’s a restricted product, it still has to go through the permitting process. So I believe that once they are complying then it shouldn’t be a problem and maybe eventually we can even make some amendments to the regulations eventually and start including some of those plastics we are using as recyclables but, you are aware that some, most of these products really are what we do use on a daily basis. Plastic bags, knives, the forks, foam plates and the foam cups, plastic cups but it doesn’t cover, for example, something that many of us now do is to order things by Amazon and that you get a box but when you open its wrapped up in plastic. That’s really a single use plastic because what do you do with it after that? A lot of the products that come in, somebody buys a television and then when you open the box it is enveloped in a piece of foam to protect it from shock and everything else so these are some areas that we also have to address shortly.”

Habet further stated that no establishment shall possess these prohibited items as of March 31, 2022.