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Minister of Youth and Sports Says No New Regulations will be Implemented

For athletes and sports fanatics, it is important to note that engaging in contact sports remains prohibited. In May COVID-regulations related to sporting activities were relaxed. Provisions were made for sporting events to be held but with no audience. The SI was passed two months but things are drastically changing in this COVID pandemic period. Cases are on the increase and a new variant has been detected. We asked Minister of Youth, Sports, and E-Governance Kevin Bernard if the COVID sports regulations would be adjusted.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Sports: “We are in discussions. I have said openly in the local media where I was in Orange Walk yesterday and I have been repeating this and I said it from the very beginning that if the numbers of the cases continue to rise we will then have to take a step back on the decision but there has been no decision in terms of ending our decision that we made earlier. All we’re saying and I am saying now as the Minister of Sports, and I spoke to the Minister of Health yesterday, that I want to reiterate to our sport enthusiasts come out get your athletes vaccinated I want to encourage athletes to come out and get vaccinated. It is very important that we get everybody vaccinated in this country it’s very much important and  so I expressed those young people who want to engage in basketball activity and football activity and competition get vaccinated. If you get vaccinated then maybe then more we can ease up some of the restrictions we have in terms of contact sports. We had planned out that hopefully by August first we would have been able to see some kind of activities take place for contact sports more from a competitive standpoint we also said that if the numbers continue to rise we have to take a step back. Non contact sports continue to operate, continue to play ,again but without audiences. So I just want to implore on our athletes, our sport enthusiasts and persons involved in sports in general to go out and get vaccinated. If you’re eighteen and above go out and get vaccinated.”