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Minister of Youth Says Upset Over Killing of Laddie Gillett

Also offering condolences to the family was Minister of Youth, Sports and E-Governance, Kevin Bernard. He said was upset over the entire situation. Love News spoke to him this morning.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports & E-Governance: “When it comes to the Laddie Gillet issue I personally am outraged at the incident. I said it personally on my Facebook page and I know immediately when we heard of this reached out to the relations officer at the DYS and we took out the press release. I think that a lot of people, there’s a lot of varying opinions on social media why the young man was out at this late time but from the understanding that these people were vacationing and as far as I know the young man was taking one of the friends home and they were trying to get home back before curfew time. Sadly what the information we have is that this person was shot and the officer who did it yes the charges that is there based on the law is manslaughter I personally feel that we should look at that and personally me can’t do it but I think the attorneys will have to fight that there is better justice and stronger justice for them but not just because of Laddie there are many other young people who have faced this same thing. Police need to learn to do things right. Now don’t get me wrong I mean there’s lots of good police officers out there too that do the right thing but when you make these errors it makes the country look bad, it makes the department of the police look bad and so I applaud the minister as well for standing out and speaking out against this issue. I think that people want to see a fair justice in this issue but from my perspective as well I think we need to also see a fair issue for everybody who have been done wrong by the police or any authority across this country.”