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Minister Oscar Mira on BDF’s Food Contracts

Love News also asked Minister Mira about reports that the BDF has a food bill that it cannot pay. Sources inside the BDF tell our newsroom that they have been given spaghetti with grind meat mixed with corn beef to eat because the force has been unable to restock its pantry. 

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence: “I don’t think we have an issue with food for the BDF. The contracts that were signed I think about a month ago are there .We have our budget for contracts that were signed. The issue was that there was a delay in signing the contracts because it goes though the Contractor General and the Contractor General was had delayed the contracts handing it back to the BDF or the ministry. We have solved that. All those contracts have been through the Contractor General and all the contracts that were signed we do have a budget for it and it’s just a matter of the system I am very sure that you know that the procurement and payment system of the government takes a time but all contracts do have a clause where they have thirty days credit so we are working on it and they will be paid within the thirty days.”

Reporter: We’re being told also that at this time the BDF no longer manages it’s budget and it’s being managed by Mr.Alas are you able to say whether that is true or not ? 

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence:  “No the BDF has their own finance officer. Mr.Alas is the finance officer for the ministry therefore there are certain things that are managed by the ministry but when it comes to the budget of the Belize Defence Force it is managed by the Belize Defence Force and the finance officer that is at Price Barracks.”