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Minister Perez says NEAC Should be Downsized

The National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) has recently come under scrutiny after several of its members are being accused of attempted bribery. The allegations were made twice within one week by Waterloo Investments Holdings Limited. Commenting on the situation is Minister of Blue Economy, Andre Perez, who says the size of the committee is what has loaned itself to this sort of allegation.

Andre Perez, Minister of Civil Aviation and Blue Economy: “It is a concern but I may get in trouble by saying this but the NEAC has several people involved, several different organizations. I don’t want to say people but rather organizations. I think there are seventeen seats there and I’ve been saying it from the very beginning I think NEAC is a bit too overloaded. Often times when there’s a big group of NEAC there I think we need to trim it down. We need to trim down so we can make it more lean, more effective because often time when you have too many people decisions cannot become as one we’ll always have problems, it exists. So this has lend itself to these types of allegations. Now this is time for us to reform. I am personally stating that we need to look at NEAC that it’s too overloaded and that has lend itself to these types of problems so for now I would say starters we need to trim down. Narrow it down to a smaller group it becomes more effective. It is never good to have a massive group there we always have problems so to move it becomes problems and that is my view.”

According to the Minister of Climate Change, Orlando Habet, the allegation is concerning. They have since reached out to Waterloo Investments requesting the evidence of attempted bribery but up to news time no such materials have been forwarded.