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Minister Saldivar says Government complied with the law

On Wednesday the Senate passed a bill which approved the spending of thirteen point nine million dollars by the Government in the fiscal year 2016/2017. The People’s United Party say that the Government has broken laws because it was noncompliant with the Finance and Audit Reform Act. They say that the Government unlawfully spent the monies, a claim which UDP Senator and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has denied. Today we asked Cabinet Minister John Saldivar to comment on the matter.



“I believe that the law tells you the parameters that the Minister of Finance has in terms of deviating from the budget, the length of time that he has to report his expenditures to the House of Representatives and the quantum by which he can exceed what is approved by the National Assembly so those are all very clear in the law and I do believe that we have complied with the law; to remind you though that about couple years ago we had to pass supplementary appropriations that covered years of expenditure by the previous government that were never brought to the National Assembly.”

Monies were spent on Hurricane Earl Relief efforts, Mothers’ Day Appreciation Program and budget support for Belize Infrastructure Limited, BIL.