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Minister Saldivar Speaks Business, Mason and the Bandits

The Mason saga continues as investigators continue to gather their evidence, the prosecutors are building their case, citizens are speculating on what really led to all these events and the media continues to try and find answers to many more questions.  While William Mason sits in Tango Ten at the Belize Central Prison along with the other four persons charged for the Lucas murder, there is still no progress made on locating Melissa Ferguson.  Ferguson is the woman who Mason arrived to Belize with on January 17, 2014 via the Philip Goldson International Airport.  It is said that she also went by the name, Mila Mason.  Five days after the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, the authorities notified the media that they are looking for Ferguson for questioning.  One of the questions being asked is why did the authorities wait five days to start looking for Ferguson; and the status of the investigation.  We asked Minister Saldivar to weigh in on this specific issue as well as to give us his feedback on the failed arraignments of Ryan Rhaburn in the Belmopan Magistrates Court.


“As far as I know in terms of the murder that matter has been brought to the court, he has been charged and remanded and we do believe we have enough evidence to make the case. In terms of the kidnappings that investigation continues. We have had the statement given by the Mennonite who claims to have been kidnapped and we have been working based on the information that has been provided to us by him. I guess the police will have their reasons and I’ll have to depend on their expertise in that area, why five days after that is when they decided (to seek Melissa Ferguson); they know what they are doing and I trust in what they are doing. I think you’ll appreciate that there are some new rules that apply and that have started to be applied to making these submissions and so everyone might not have been familiar with the rules that are required.”

In search of answers and clarity, the media also asked Minister Saldivar a series of questions regarding his relationship with Mason.  Here is how that went.


Ferguson bears a Canadian passport and is believed to still be in the country.