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Minister Speaks of Upping the Enforcement of Transport Laws

The closure of 2016 and the start of 2017 have seen multiple road traffic incidents that have proven fatal.  Unless you are actually on the scene to witness first-hand the circumstances leading to the incident, no one can ever really know what transpired.  It is a situation where prevention is crucial on the thoroughfares in order to nip cases of drunk driving, to deter the presence of vehicles that are not road worthy among other infractions.  Love News spoke to Transport Minister, Edmond Castro to get his views on the spike of road accidents and how the ministry will be approaching the concerns.


“Well what I can say from the traffic point of view we just received some additional vehicles to patrol on the highway mostly in Corozal and PG and I think one if the Belmopan corridor so what we will have to do is see how we could best continue to patrol the highways and deal with motorists who are driving under the influence or speeding on the highway or driving erratically so we will try our best in 2017 to try and improve the traffic conditions in terms of our highway patrols”


“One of the initiatives that the police department had taken on in 2015 was a quality of life campaign whereby they monitored vehicle and motorbikes to ensure that they are abiding by certain laws, they were basically enforcing a lot of these traffic laws that have not been enforced for quite some time; is that something that perhaps the transport department since its more national would be looking at because even up to now you see a lot of vehicles on the highways driving without headlights, indicators, license plates without basically a lot of things that are required by law.”


“Yeah, its a joint thing that we have to enforce both  by traffic department and also with the police department and so I think we will continue and I think we have to continue to work together in terms of bringing those small infractions. Basically we have to crack down on them and see how we could save lives or nip something in the bud before it happens.”

In the last two weeks there have been at least five deaths as a result of road traffic incidents.