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Minister Speaks on Fired Air Traffic Controllers

It has come to our attention that at least four air traffic controllers were fired after failing their operational exam. Now, those employees are crying foul because the level of difficultly of the exam was unexpected. Compounded with a short time to complete the exam, the fired controllers believe that they have been treated unfairly. Minister Responsible for Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr., addressed the concerns


“In all my ministries that I hold there are certain laws and regulations that have to be implemented. My thing is this, safety is the number one thing for me regardless if it’s tourism or aviation we always have to ensure that the people we are serving get the best of the best and if there are procedures that you need to take, remember before it was a limited amount of people that we had then government decided to hire double the amount of that but they have to go through a proper training process because this industry is in the hands of the people. If something goes wrong they will not say the air controller or something like that they will say the government, that is the answer to everything, government. So as the Ministry responsible for that I don’t really get directly involved with employees, that is why we have our technical people. Again when I see, and I will always tell my heads of people like that to make sure that if anyone cannot comply or doesn’t have the talent or the ability to do what they need to do then somebody out there needs to come in. There are so many Belizeans that are in need so let’s use the more qualified ones.”