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Minister Speaks on Process for Flood Victims to Get Aid

While the immediate needs of food and clothing and adequate shelter are being addressed by the various agencies around the country, there are the long term needs that would be required to get people’s lives and homes back to how it was.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow did commit to reaching out to all those affected and in aiding them in the recovery efforts.  According to Minister Godwin Hulse the system in getting that done has been established and it will be through an application process.


“A DANA team is going around; so, we have a pretty good idea of what people need and that sort of thing and then based on that, once we know, of course, everybody will be making an application and submission and that will be happening through various sources but mainly it will all come in to the Ministry of Human Development and that is how the assistance will be provided for the most part. Also in terms of materials for roofing and that sort of thing that will come through the Ministry of Housing who will provide the necessary materials for persons on a needs basis.”

With the rains still coming down a bit, we asked Hulse just how soon he expects the application process to begin.


“You have to realize that it’s a tight time because there is an election coming up and nobody knows what’s going to happen and how it’s going to go.  So all of this is being managed by the public service. It would normally be managed by the public service anyway but the request will be coming in and hopefully we get a moving on it and it continues even after the elections.”

In an interview conducted yesterday with Minister Patrick Faber, it was advised that persons take photos of the damages in their home to make the process easier.