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Minister Usher Calls the Loo an Educated Fool

Taking on the Leader of the Opposition in today’s debate was Area Representative for Fort George, Henry Usher. The two did not mince words, which led to a scolding from the House Speaker which we’ll show you later. Here is how Usher responded to the comments by the opposition leader.
Henry Charles Usher, Representative for Fort George, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform:  “The Leader of the Opposition spoke about, there has been no new investment in the judiciary. It shows that he did not read the budget estimates quite clearly that the judiciary is getting serious investment. Four new judges for the Supreme Court, Mister Speaker, four new Magistrates, three Justices of Appeal, two more to be named in June of 2022. The access to justice program being undertaken by the Attorney General has brought justice more equitable, justice more relevant, justice easier to access, Mister Speaker. These are all investments in the judiciary to make sure that our justice system serves the Belizean people. When I heard the Member from Mesopotamia this morning, the quotation that came into my head was “there’s no fool like an educated fool” and it seems, Mister Speaker, that he just continues to prove himself time and time and time again to be an educated fool. Well, he got his doctorate, his Honorary Doctorate so I can say educated, right Prime Minister? When he was speaking about access to cheap financing, I wonder if he has had any conversation with his brother who runs a pawn shop, who runs a loan shark business and speak to him about lowering the interest rates to poor people because, what he’s doing there is criminal, Mister Speaker. So Mister Speaker, I have to say that there is no fool like an educated fool. The Member from Mesopotamia has tried to distance himself from what was happening under the former UDP administration, his father’s administration. He has consistently said that he was not around when these things were happening and perhaps, perhaps there was a time in there when he was having an identity crisis, travelling to the Middle East, adopting a new name, a new look, but other than that brief self journey, he was right there sucking from the spigot of power and turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering caused by the misdeeds, corruption, and national robbery of the former UDP administration. That is why, Madam Speaker, like the biblical name that he has adopted, he will never see The Promised Land. Just last night on the news, he named a who’s who of worthless UDP characters that he has surrounded himself with. Those who were enveloped in scandal after scandal from lands, to passport, to Sanctuary Bay, to Lev Dermen, the list goes on and on and on and he has surrounded himself with these people. It is guilt by association, right Member from Belize Rural Central? Guilt by association and no matter how hard any of the members on that side try, they can’t remove that deep, dark dirty, red stain. Maybe that’s why the Leader of the Opposition is travelling so much? Trying to validate himself with false, sorry, I mean misstatements. You are confused, leader. This is not celebrity Big Brother. You are not standing behind a microphone or behind a camera. This is real work, meaningful work.”