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Minister Usher Says Reform is Needed for Elections

Another Government Minister that wants to effect reform in his Ministry is Henry Charles Usher. He is the Minister of Public Service, Constitutional and Political Reform. He appeared on Love TV’s The Morning Show on Tuesday where he shared his ministry’s plans and proposals that he will ask Cabinet to approve. Two keys areas that Minister Usher wants to reform are related to elections. He wants to fix a date for general elections and believes that senators should be elected. Here is how he explained it.

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional Reform and Political Reform: “We certainly have to look critically at all of the processes, the programs, the legislation, the different areas to see where we can make the necessary changes. One area that I’m very passionate about I do believe that we have to have set dates for elections. So certainly that is something that is going to come up, certainly that is something that I will advocate for that we know when our elections will be whether it will be every five years, every four years that’s for the commission to decide but it’s important for Belizeans to know when their elections will be. This idea that a Prime Minister can get up at any time and say thirty days from today we’re going to have an elections it does not create predictability, it’s not for sustainability in your country. You have to have fixed dates. I’m also an advocate for elected senates. You know I’ve looked at that, I’ve studied different jurisdictions, looked at different legislations as to how we can have a more effective senate so it’s something that I will also  put on the agenda for the commission. But there are a lot of areas. A lot of areas that we have to look at. You know I was speaking to Assad Shoman and you know he’s very much a reform oriented person he likes to look at laws and try to fix them and he and I were discussing what we’re calling the decolonization project where forty years after independence we have to own our independence. We don’t own it. We got our independence from England forty years ago but we don’t know what it means. We haven’t owned it.”

Ernesto Vasquez, Host, The Morning Show: We still depend on others to celebrate our own independence and that really burns me honestly. 

Henry Charles Usher, Minister of Public Service, Constitutional Reform and Political Reform: “And that is something we have to get out. It’s a mindset as well and that’s why it’s called the decolonization project that we got our political independence but now it’s time to free our thought processes as well.”