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Minister Usher says the PSU Withdrawing Accounts from the Belize Bank was a Drastic Move

Over the past two months the Christian Workers Union (CWU), the Public Service Union (PSU), and the Belize National Teachers’ Union have all withdrawn their accounts from the Belize Bank Limited. The unions’ move was a part of their support for the stevedores of the CWU that have been in a long-lasting labor dispute with the Port of Belize Limited. Today, we asked Minister of the Public Service Henry Charles Usher for his take on the unions’ stand of solidarity. Here is what he had to say.

Henry Chales Usher, Minister of Public Service: “Well it was a drastic move done by the CWU and by the PSU. I think that, I hope they consulted their membership before they did that but if they felt that that was in their best interest to move their accounts from that particular institution then they have every right to do so. Nobody is forcing any organisation to keep money in any financial institution but the objective of course is to make sure that you have the financial services available for you and for your members. No? If they found that at a different institution then go for it but I do think that it was – it did send a message, you know, it sent a message that they are serious about what they are saying. No?”

Reporter: Any indications that any of the other unions, the NTUCB and the BNTU might follow and if so, do you think that might just be like you said, too drastic?

Henry Chales Usher, Minister of Public Service: “Well the unions always say “Solidarity forever” so we might be seeing other unions follow suit. I haven’t heard anything in terms of the other unions doing the same thing but no, I just, like I said, I just hope that they consulted with their membership before they made that decision. No?”