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Minister Zabaneh Comments on the Soil Erosion Issue in Dangriga Town

On Tuesday we told you about the beach erosion currently affecting the coastal town of Dangriga. The situation got dire when the waves began crashing into one of the buildings of Christ the King Anglican School. The constant hit to the building has now begun exposing the foundation of the school’s structure. The Dangriga Town Council quickly reacted to the problem, and according to Mayor Robert Mariano, at least five feet of beach have been reclaimed. CEO Kenrick Williams in the Ministry of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management spoke to Love News on the issue.

Kenrick Williams, CEO, Ministry of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “I know there are several efforts at the municipalities to address beach erosion on these coastal communities more pronounced in Dangriga. We all know about the case of Monkey River but also pronounced in Placencia. So there’s been localized efforts. What the Ministry is trying to do through some of the work more recently through the National Climate Change Office is to get a sense of that driving factors, the contributing factors to erosion. Of course we know that some of these are man made and human anthropogenic whereas some of these are the result of climate change.”

We also asked Dangriga’s Area Representative, Dr. Louis Zabaneh about it. He says that the government is receiving assistance from Cuban experts who were in the country last week conducting assessments.

Dr.Louis Zabaneh, Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Culture: “We’ve been looking very carefully. In fact over a month ago Minister Habet had visited with a smaller team and I had taken him, myself and Mayor Mariano and given him a tour of the entire coast from the Commerce Bight Port all the way up to Pelican Resort and we saw the devastation over the years of erosion. Dozens and dozens of acres of sea front have been lost and now I know we’re grateful to him and his team. He has a group of experts on the ground a couple scientists from Cuba; we are thankful to the people and government of Cuba for lending us these expertise. They’re doing scientific analysis looking at all the factors that are in play with this erosion, looking at where we have lost the sand for example that used to be there and they have found deposits of sand half a mile, a mile in front of Dangriga where over the years because of the wave action created possibly from climate change and sea level rising and so forth have just extracted the sand and taken it out into the sea. So we are awaiting the final study to come in so that we can better guided by what has occurred, where things are and what might be our mitigation measures that we could take.”