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Minister to Discuss Compensation for Family of Fire Victims at Hostel

In November of last year, three teenage girls perished in a fire at the Princess Royal Youth Hostel. While officials explained that one of the girls started the fire in order for the trio to escape, an investigation headed by Margaret Nicholas, Director of the National Committee for Families and Children was launched. It has been more than a month and we have not heard of the investigation or its findings. Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Anthony Martinez, gave us an update.

ANTHONY MARTINEZ: “From what I was told I will be briefed in the third week of January and we will be coming to the media holding a press conference in terms of what is the findings overall. I don’t want to talk to fast but whatever will happen one thing I am certain of that is hinted to me is that there was a lot of breach of protocol that caused that fire. We are not dragging our feet it is the Ministry that initiated that we have the investigation, not an internal investigation an independent investigation so it’s not like we wanted to sweep it under the rug and if you notice it was us who called the press conference. I think that the time frame is reasonable and I think that the report will come out and it will come out to public.”

The girls that died in the fire were 16-year-old, Shadisha Arnold; 16-year-old, Anna Carlos and 14-year-old, Elizabeth McKoy. After the investigation is concluded, Martinez says he will consult with Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage on the matter of possible compensation for the families of the teenage girls.