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Ministers of Health from the region are in Belize for for COMISCA

Ministers of Health from the region are in Belize for the 49th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic (COMISCA). They have gathered at the Placencia Hotel and Resort to discuss the Health Agenda for Central America and the Dominican Republic as well as the Regional Strategic Plan for the Prevention of adolescent pregnancy.  The meeting is being chaired by Belize’s Minister of Health Pablo Marin who transferred the presidency to Guatemala at the end of the meeting.

Belize’s Minister of Health Pablo Marin: “Well the meeting is with all Ministers of Health of  Central America and the Dominican Republic. It’s a six months period for every country and right now we are the Pro-temp presidents for the COMISCA. I am going to pass the baton to Guatemala who will have six months and every year we have two countries taking on the Pro-temp presidency but this is more based on how we can work together as a region and whenever we have situations like one of them; NCDs that is affecting the entire world so we take it as a region and try to see how best we can manage it. One of them is labeling, labeling is one of the things that we want to put in all the food coming into the country: statiing which ones have the content of Sugar, the content of Salt and put in color like so up to the kids can look at it but then you realize sometimes the business community try to hold us back and then in COMISCA we had an agreement in Tegucigalpa that shows that the health of the people come first more than anything else so then if we have to put it and place then we will have to place that and it is something that we have to work together or else it won’t be able to happen. The content of salt as I mentioned, also renal failure and everything has to do with the people: What the people eat, what the people do: one of them is exercise, one of them is a lot of people like to eat junk food which is affecting them and that is what we have here to be able to finalize what we are doing as far as the efforts in one direction and I think that is the main thing. Everytime we have a lot of things that we want to pass but sometimes it takes more than six months for us to be able to pass some things. Right now we are working in formalizing the reactions of medication into the people, that is something that we are passing right now and everybody will be linked to a area where these adverse reactions that the people are getting maybe if you are drinking Tylenol and you maybe have a reaction to it then maybe it’s from where it comes. What content it has and that will alert us to be able to recall certain procuts and I think you have seen a lot of times in the media where we are recalling certain products because of that.”