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Minister’s Vehicle Found Partly Submerged in the Caribbean Sea

Last night sometime after seven o’clock, a vehicle assigned to Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber  ended up in the Caribbean Sea near Marine Parade. There are many questions surrounding the incident and today the Deputy Prime Minister made himself available to do just that but first we hear the official police version.  Officer in Charge of Eastern Division South, Assistant Commissioner Chester Williams discussed the issue.


“Last night around 7pm the Deputy Prime Minister reported his vehicle stolen and the vehicle was found plunged in the sea near Marine Parade boulevard. It was almost totally submerged. It was removed from the water and is currently at the Queen Street Police Station. It will be taken to Belize Diesel and I have communicated with them and they are saying that the vehicle can be brought back but the sooner the vehicle gets there the better it is so we are in the process of getting the vehicle from Queen Street to Belize Diesel so that they can commence working on the vehicle so as to not have the vehicle totally destroyed.”

ACP Williams stated that the vehicle will be inspected at the Queen Street Police Station and later on will be taken to Belize Diesel for further inspection.


“The Deputy Prime Minister had parked the vehicle at his girlfriend’s house on the George Price Highway at mile 4 and that is where the vehicle was stolen from and after he was notified of the vehicle being found in the Caribbean Sea that is when he realized that the vehicle had been stolen. It’s theft of a motor vehicle and the police are investigating. The Commissioner has directed Mr.Lynden Flowers to investigate the matter and he is on top of it and we are assisting him with it because it was stolen from our jurisdiction so  we are assisting to the best that we can to see how we can get to the bottom of this to be able to ascertain exactly who removed the vehicle from where it was parked and went and plunged it in the Caribbean Sea. We did not find a key inside the vehicle so I don’t know if it was hot wired or what, I don’t know how that works.”