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Ministry developing a Child Tracking System

The Ministries of Health, Human Development and Education are meeting to work on an Individual child tracking system that would have universal services for children.  Neulin Villanueva, Deputy Chief Education Officer explained how the collaborative effort would work.

Neulin Villanueva, Deputy Chief Education Officer: “This is a third in a series of workshops where the Ministries of Health, Human Development and Education are looking into early childhood development and education and what we are doing today is trying to develop an individual child tracking system and looking at services that would be universal for every child and so that we would be able to look at which children have or have not received those particular services and to have a response to ensure that all our children are having the developmental and educational support and health support that they need to be to strong and healthy individuals later on. We did a small pilot study where we got 150 children from the health database, the Belize Health Information System and those names and the information was shared with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Development and what we did was to see if we could find those children in our individual databases and what it would take to accurately share that type of information to be able to track each child to ensure that they are getting the social services, the health services and the educational services that they need, what we are doing is developing a proposal that will then go to the CEO Caucus and then hopefully to the Cabinet for sanctions and so what we are doing today is really drilling down to identify those critical services that should be given to every Belizean child so for example we are looking at every child having vaccinations, having access to a preschool center, every child and every parent or caregiver having access to early childhood education so those are the things that we are identifying now and then next steps will be to put in place the mechanisms and the funding to make sure that we can do that for every child.”

The multiagency collaboration was facilitated by support from UNICEF.