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Ministry of Education showcases educational opportunities

The Tertiary Options and Opportunities Educational Expo was held at the Civic Centre in Belize City. It is an opportunity provided to upper secondary level students to learn of various options to further their education. Deryck Satchwell, Acting Director of Tertiary Unit in the Ministry of Education says it is a way to encourage students to start thinking about their future careers and how to achieve these.

Deryck Satchwell Acting Director of Tertiary Unit, MOE: “It is about exposing people to what the options for tertiary education are and what opportunities may exist. We find that a lot of our young people are  going through school and when they come to the end they begin to think about what next? This is an opportunity to have a fair as it were to sell what it is that is available to them and also to try to get across the message that there are more opportunities than people realize so we don’t only have the schools here saying what their programs are. We have the Embassies and the Ministries that offer scholarships, we have the Banks that offer financing, we have the DFC that offers financing and that kind of thing. It is an attempt to bring together the people who are seeking education and the people who can help them get that education. We had a particular campaign to get the students in upper highschool here because the planning has to start earlier because we find that students make choices later that box them in so that the more aware they are from earlier the better they can plan. It is the full range of education beyond high school. It is to send the message that education doesn’t have to stop at high school so yes we have for example Centro Escolar Mexico Junior. College that has quite a few vocational programs at the Associate’s degree level so it is to push that as well.”

The event is also an opportunity for Tertiary level students and working Belizeans to find education opportunities.