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Ministry of Education has zero tolerance for corporal punishment

Earlier this month, on May 10, Judith Cacho, a teacher, was taken to court and arraigned for harm. The accusation against her is that back in January, while disciplining an-year-old child at Queen’s Square Primary School, she hit him in the eye with a ruler, causing severe injuries. Today, Love News got the Minister of Education’s view on what transpired, and he says Cacho can be taken before the Teaching Services Commission.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education: “We have a zero tolerance policy for corporal punishment and so if the teacher is found to have been guilty of that then there is zero tolerance on the part of the ministry. You should not be hitting a child whether it is in a small way or a big way. There are clear cut circumstances where a teacher may use some level of force in order to protect. I think the law speaks something about that very clearly but if it is not in that instance then it is considered to be corporal punishment and again the ministry has zero tolerance on that. That is something that can be punished and so her management yes can bring a charge against her and in fact make a decision to send it to the TSE, absolutely.”