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Ministry of Foreign Affairs addresses Guatemalan incursion at Western border

There is more to report tonight on the incident at the western border. As we told you on Wednesday night, a Guatemalan money changer was allegedly robbed of thousands of dollars; we understand as much as twenty thousand. (VO STARTS) That crime then led Guatemalan military to enter Belize to apprehend the suspect, who we now know, is a Guatemalan man who was within Belizean territory. A video surfaced that shows at least one Guatemalan soldier escorting a man into Guatemalan territory. Today, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pat Andrews told us that the incident happened over the weekend and the Ministry is aware of it. He also said that the Guatemalan military incursion was a breach of protocol.

Pat Andrews – CEO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“We knew about it right away. It was an incident that basically they came over into Belize to perform the arrest and took the individual back over because we have to comply with the framework and also basically the confidence building measures we have already documented it to them, just thanking them but telling them that there are protocols that they have to go through before they come into Belize. But we have dealt with it though.”

We have been unable to verify how much was taken from the money changer and in what currency it was.