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Ministry of Health pulls falsified pills out the market

The Office of the Director of Health Services issued a statement yesterday alerting citizens that a stash of counterfeit medication was pulled off the market. The medication, namely, Cialis, is known to treat erectile dysfunction and, in one instance, the falsified pills were being sold at forty-five dollars per tablet. According to the Director of the Drug Inspectorate Unit at the Ministry of Health, Danini Marin, routine inspections are being proven very essential in identifying the fake products on the market.
Danini Marin, Director of the Drug Inspectorate, Ministry of Health

Danini Marin, Director of the Drug Inspectorate, Ministry of Health: “As you may be aware the Ministry is doing pharmacy inspections as well as other pharmaceutical establishments through its Drug Inspectorate Unit, these are conducted routinely year round by the drug inspectors and while doing one of our routine inspections as a pharmacy and as well a visual inspection of products on shelves at the same facility the inspector was able to identify a suspected falsified product. We issued a drug alert and the drug alert you can see two images one of the falsified products as well as one of the authentic or original products that is currently authorized by the Ministry of Health. There are several indicators that trigger an alert for the Ministry while doing an inspection. There are several and some of them would be grammatical errors on labels, the different artwork that is on labels so the inspector was able to identify these issues. Currently only one importer has it registered, a licensed importer so we

False drug alert for Cialis

call on the healthcare professionals to purchase items from pharmaceutical importers that have a license issued by the Ministry of Health. We are also investigating other products as it relates to sexual enhancers, not only the Cialis but as well as the Sildenafil that are currently in the market. So far we have not received and reports on reactions by any of the consumers in the country, we would like to let the public know that the Ministry has a mechanism in place so that they can report any suspected falsified product or any adverse drug reaction, they can email at and they can place their comments or any other concerns that they might have on any medicines that they are consuming.”

Marin explained that the Ministry will destroy the falsified pills using an incinerator.